2K Experience: Seven Things You Should Try In NBA 2K17

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The NBA's favoured basketball simulation franchise has just launched its 2017 edition. Here's where you can score a copy for a guide for what you should experience in the first week with the NBA 2K17 game.


NBA 2K17 is a huge game. There are at least six fully-fleshed out modes that one could play exclusively for months before getting burned out. 



Most longtime fans of the series have their go-to modes. Some strictly play online head-to-head. Others are MyCareer junkies, suckers for the team-up modes like MyPark and Pro-Am, or MyTeam fanatics.


Some of us are in love with the ridiculously deep MyGM and MyLeague features. Within all of those player profiles, there’s a ton of content to explore.


For those who may be new to the NBA 2K series, you’ve likely heard friends or family talking about a specific mode(s), but you may not have found your niche just yet.


The hardcore fan can sometimes limit themselves to one experience and miss out on another aspect of the game. The newbie may get overwhelmed by the verbose feature set.


In either case, here’s a short list of seven things you should experience in your first week with NBA 2K17.


Play At Least Three Games Of MyGM




MyGM is designed to allow you to play general manager for any one team in the NBA. You’re the GM, and you have a choice of simply handling the front office duties while the games are simmed and coached, or taking care of all tasks, including playing each contest.


Just about any level of participation between those two extremes is also an option. The possibilities are seemingly endless.


You can begin with a custom roster, or the most recent and official one from 2K.


You can also pick your starting point. Do you want to start your journey in a realigned NBA or even explore relocating your franchise with the possibilities of league expansion?


Perhaps you want to start from the actual date on the real-life calendar, in the real NBA. You can pick up right where your favorite team left off the previous night.


This can go on for 80 virtual seasons. Almost no one ever gets that far, but it’s cool to know you can have that kind of depth. This is the ultimate single-player franchise mode and it’s what all other sports video game series should be emulating.


Even if you determine this just isn’t your bag, anything this solid is at least worth a look.


Mess Around With The Customization Of MyLeague




MyGM gives you complete control over one team; MyLeague gives the same access and some for every team in the league. The main difference is you’re not charged with maintaining team morale and other GM-specific duties.


This one is just about the games and team management. That said, you do have more control over the actual league. In MyGM, your league can expand over time, but in MyLeague, you can choose to start your experience with 36 teams.


You can pick any of 10 pre-loaded expansion clubs or create your own.


If MyGM is the ultimate single-player franchise mode, MyLeague is an even more vast multiplayer experience.


Create A MyPlayer



MyPlayer/MyCareer continues to be the most popular mode in the NBA 2K series. In NBA 2K17, it’s even more of a centerpiece of the experience than ever before.


There are so many modes attached to your MyPlayer, it’s almost impossible to completely ignore it. Those who are hungry for the traditional online head-to-head match-ups are the ones who are most likely to bypass.


Others who are discouraged or intimidated by the face-scanning app might also push the creation of their MyPlayer to the back of the line. Back in 2014, 2K pioneered the face-scanning technology for NBA 2K15.


The results were hit-and-miss for that game and even worse for NBA 2K16. Since the process has moved to mobile, the results are far more dependable.


There’s nothing quite like seeing an accurate render of yourself in the game. Take the time to scan your face and import it. It’s hard to say you’ve experienced the better part of the title without this component.


Play A Pro-Am Game




Have you taken your MyPlayer to the Pro-Am gym to test his skills against a team of human MyPlayers?


This was the mode I resisted for the longest time. I’ve never been one for co-op modes or team-ups in video games. It always frustrates me when people don’t play properly or when someone is trying to force you to adopt their agenda.


All of those frustrations can be felt during a Pro-Am game, but there are other times when it’s the most rewarding experience under the NBA 2K umbrella.


I’ve played games with ball hogs who made everyone on their team hate them. I’ve played others with four guys who worked as a unit and we had a blast.


If you’re a player without a crew, you’re taking a gamble, but if you have some friends who will play the right way. You’ll love it. This mode is very important to 2K Sports because it’s where the organization’s esports contests are played.


There’s been a number of improvements done to ensure competitive balance. Overall, the gameplay and packaging are as good as its ever been.


Head To The Park




MyPark is Pro-Am with street swag. Instead of five-on-five, you have the option to play 21, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4. The action takes place on street courts and the moves are a little more over the top.


It’s like NBA Street with more rules and no crazy power-ups.


If you’re looking for a quick and fun experience against other fans online, this might be more up your alley than Pro-Am. Don’t take this description to mean the games aren’t competitive.


They can be quite intense, but it’s not simulation basketball.


Earn And Open A Pack In MyTeam




One of the most intimidating modes in NBA 2K is MyTeam. Do you need to spend real money on VC just to compete? What are all the different gem levels about?


Essentially, the mode combines card collecting with fantasy sports. The objective is to collect the virtual cards of the best players to form the ultimate fantasy team.


You’ll be able to take that team on the court to compete against CPU-controlled squads and human opponents with their own MyTeams online. While it doesn’t include a draft mode like Madden’s Draft Champions, there’s still a good amount of layers.


Team customization and challenges are a major part of the mode’s features.  When you begin, you’ll get a starter pack and a ton of instructions to get you going in the right direction.


One of the biggest thrills are the actual pack openings. Seeing major superstars appear as the virtual cards are unveiled can be addictive. You should have that experience at least once.


Download A Custom Roster




This is perhaps the most niche aspect of NBA 2K. There are gamers who create custom rosters and draft classes for the entire NBA 2K community to download.


Every year, I put together a legends roster designed to fill in the blanks left by the absence of licensing agreements with former stars like Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley.


Others such as EmbraceThePace build draft classes that can be used to add authenticity to MyGM and MyLeague. Even if you don’t plan on playing through an entire season or career in MyGM or MyLeague, you can still use a custom roster for a regular Play Now game.


And you’d be surprised how much life a custom roster can breathe into your 2K experience.


Stay tuned to U4NBA for more guides and tips on NBA 2K17. Its sole purpose is to enhance the gaming experience of players.