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Recently, there are many updates released by NBA 2K17 official. 2K Games has released three new NBA 2K17 Moment Cards that are now available in MyTeam. Point Guard Chris Paul from the Los Angeles Clippers was released together with Small Forwards Lebron James from Cleveland Cavaliers and Paul George from Indiana Pacers.


The current version of NBA 2K17 is 1.07. The latest update comes with improvements to game play and tournament modes, something that should make the game challenging and more realistic. In the changes brought by NBA 2K17 patch, 1.07 update include support for the European All-Star tournament and the NBA 2K17 All-Star Tournament and performance increases when playing in parks.



In the latest episode of NBA 2KTV season 3, fans can finally take part in. The NBA 2K17 2KTV Episode 13 rewards aren't so great. While more VC is always great, there used to be more before. Apparently, 2K Games may have given too much VC and other bonuses before and now they’re giving less. 


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