A Simple Trick To Unlock NBA 2K17 Bone Collector Badge

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This article is talking about the fastest way to get the NBA 2K17 Bone Collector Badge.


According to u4nba.com, weeks after the release of NBA 2K17, gamers have started collecting badges. Some are easier than others. While a few remain a challenge to get including the Bone Collector badge, here is the fastest way to get it. 



All About Patience


When aiming to unlock this badge, gamers will only need to follow a simple trick. The real test, however, is the patience during the process of fulfilling the badge’s requirements. The trick, as mentioned by The BitBag, has a few pre-requisites to get the badge even faster.


First, the gamer’s player must have a good rating for their playmaking; the higher the better. Second, achieving the Ankle Breaker badge will definitely reduce the time in getting Bone Collector. If the gamer does not have one or both, it is suggested to get those badges first before aiming for the Bone Collector badge.


When the gamer already has both, he should upgrade them to at least gold level. This is where patience comes in as upgrading these badges may take a while to accomplish. However, there are also other tips and tricks to get the levels up faster than the usual.


The gamer next has to brush up on dribbling skills. If the gamer acquired those badges, then this step should be easy. NBA 2K17 (blog) also suggests using signature moves as this will also help in making these steps easier.


NBA 2K17 Bone Collector Tips – Get The Latest Game Update




The next and final step will again require some patience. When playing in the MyPark mode, the gamer should get 50 to 100 ankle breakers against a defender. This step should again be easier if the previous steps were properly followed.


The Bone Collector badge is only one of the nine available badges obtained in the MyPark mode. By now, gamers should know or realize that these badges help them play better according to bonuses from the badge. As the name implied, the Bone Collector allows the player to execute ankle breakers a lot easier and more effectively.


For PS4 players, it would be better to get the latest updates as changes were made in the MyPark mode. Xbox One and PC players will have to wait a bit longer for the updates but can still follow these tips for the Bone Collector badge.


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