Bold Proposal: 2 Versions for NBA 2K17 MyCareer Mode

u4nba Date: May/07/16 10:20:16 Views: 2489

I saw such a recommendation for NBA 2K17 in a forum, it was suggested that the NBA 2K17 MyCareer mode should be open in two versions, one for adults and one for Kids. The following is a specific description of this idea:

Next year there should be two versions of MyCareer, one for hardcore gamers that want realism and one for casual gamers, kids 12 and under, and the world of cheesers in the gaming community. 

If you go into this mode knowing you are going to be the greatest all time, whats the point?

Make a mode so the kids, wannabe gamers who play on pro, and cheese nation can easily start as a rookie, average 50 points a game and average a triple double, win all the awards every year, break all the records, and win 20 titles, and have their fun. 

Then make a mode for those who want realism. Make the skill level rise and fall game by game, make it harder for certain players to come up. Make a career that last 3 years for guys that just cant cut it. Make some of us undrafted and play in the D-league or in Europe first. Some of us end up as 6th men, or role players, journeymen, and average starters, and some of us be stars. Make it to where we dont play 48 minutes per game and can actually get injured and miss games. 

This crap is too easy. The mode is pointless if you know you will end up the GOAT.


This bold and humane idea was indeed endorsed, 

Someone reply to:

Man, I couldn't agree more!!!!!!

The developers stay so busy adjusting the game to satisfy the kids and cheesers it ruins it for those who just want a good basketball simulation. The point you mentioned about knowing going in we are destined to stardom is so true. That does take a lot of excitement from the game.

This crap of being forced to play 42-44 minutes a game, regardless of score, is awful too. I guess that is done to help people achieve a higher game score but I don't care about that since the score is determined by factors the developers decide upon. There are ways to help your team win that are not included in those scores and what it comes down to is the team winning.

I want a game where I can go to any team and play with their stars who continue to play like stars and be a member, not necessarily the star, who can help the team. That is all. Just like I did in real life. I was never a star, never aspired to be one. I specialized in 2 things, passing and defense, and I would really like to be able to play that way in a simulation. The chance that I could wash out would actually give me the incentive to play, and play as hard as I can to keep my job. It would be extremely fun to have to earn everything.

You are so dead on with this post!!!