By Using This Glitch In NBA 2K17: How To Get 500K VC

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There is no any hyperbole to say that NBA 2K17 may be one of the best titles of this year. Even if it's undeniable, however, if attempt to dominating this game is probably a little difficult. In particula after a couple of new patches as well as updates arrived, what's more, plently of glitches were fixed. Ultimately, glitches that allow players to earn VC - such as - have stopped working. Luckily, really moonlight and roses isn't it, since players can make use of the other loophole. Now that players have chance to get cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC.

By Using This Glitch In NBA 2K17: How To Get 500K VC

In a NBA 2K17 video courtesy of GeeSice, the necessary steps to acquire VC fast can be seen. And take note: players can earn as big as 500 VC. To start, players are required to endorse all of the contracts active. 


These are Jordan 2K, Gatorade, Foot Locker, Stance and Tissot, among others. In order to do so, they must make a particular progress of sort in the MyCareer mode.


Once done, the Calendar in NBA 2K17 should be showing all of the schedules pertaining to the players' endorsements. Through this, it'll ensure that the MyCareer won't progress further without the players playing the actual game. This won't also allow them to get as much VC as they can, though it will be rewarded later on. Do you want to acquire cheap NBA 2K17 MT PS4? it's worth mentioning that you should access official sites.


The next step is for NBA 2K17 players to simulate each game, the ones that have no endorsements scheduled at all. Players just need to determine these. After which, they can simply attend those events. Once they return, they need to open the game's smartphone feature to check the messages. Obviously, this will require them to read and reply everything they received from Bruce.


By posting all the messages in NBA 2K17, players have more chance to get rewarded with 4,000 VC, you can also buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT online. owing to the endorsements they did and possibility is more high. Followed by, according to the schedule, they can simply move to the next endorsement. Be sure to take note though that there are endorsements that fall on the same day, hence, players need to check each one of them prior to moving forward. by using the method and it can be repeated as many as they want.