Clippers may make NBA history to win straight MVP award

u4nba Date: Jun/09/16 22:25:50 Views: 1903

There's no question that the Warriors are the NBA's best team, and that Stephen Curry is on track to win a second straight MVP award as the league's best player.

But out in Los Angeles, the Clippers may make NBA history by having three players who are each having better seasons statistically in at least one category than Curry or any of his teammates.

DeAndre Jordan is leading the league in field goal percentage by shooting 70.3 percent. J.J. Redick is atop the three-point field goal percentage category, knocking down a league-best 47.5 percent of his shots from beyond the arc. And, Jamal Crawford is the NBA's free throw percentage leader thanks to the fact that he's hitting his foul shots at a mark of 91.3 percent.

If all three players finish the season leading their respective categories, it would be the first time in NBA history they've all been on the same squad. It's never happened since the three-point line was introduced to begin the 1979-80 season.

The Warriors, of course, are on pace to make some history of their own. Golden State has just nine games left, and if the team finishes 7-2 or better, it'll break the record set by the 1996 Chicago Bulls for most wins in a single NBA season.NBA 2K16 MT for sale on!