Complete Guide On How To Get All MyPark Secret Badge

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Compared to its processors, NBA 2K17 comes with more player badges, but a number of MyPark Badges are so well-hidden that it takes a bit of precision in getting them. These badges varies in ranks and effects on the player. 


The Badging System first came on NBA 2K15 replacing the old Signature Skills System. These Badges are more realistic than the previous one since you can only unlock them based on your gameplay. They are both available on MyCareer and MyPark. 


With the NBA 2K franchise improving year after year, acquiring these badges will be a lot challenging than before. In addition, it was reported that NBA 2K17's MyPARK had several unlockable Secret Badges. Thankfully, here is a complete guide on how to unlock them all.



According to the report from Mobile N Apps, it will take a little bit of precision in order to acquire these Badges. Here are the five NBA 2K17 MyPark's Secret Badges.


7 OH'S


A highlight-play type of player who gives energy to his teammates with big plays in MyPARK. You will need to record 50 highlight plays in order to get this Badge. It is suggested that you will get this faster on a three-point play.




This Badge will grant a bonus on the shot percentage when taking game-winning shot. It is somehow similar to the Closer Badge in MyCareer. GAME POINT Badge can be acquired by racking up game-winning shots every time. Some players' starts with a game winning shot rating of 50 while others got 75 depending on the created player. It is best for those who have higher rating from the start.




It will grant players the ability of consuming less energy while doing athletic moves in MyPARK. This Badge is important on fast breaks or going coast to coast for a dunk. Play consistently and keep running out of energy for about 100 times in order to get this badge.


Bone Collector


Similar to the Ankle Breaker in MyCareer, MyPARK has its own Bone Collector Badge. Acquiring this Badge is a bit challenging since it requires consistency. Pulling off 100 ankle breakers in MyPARK will result to this Badge.


Winners Only


When you are in a winning streak in MyPARK, this Badge will give you the ability to heat up quickly. That means shot accuracy is boosted. This is very helpful in making difficult shots, especially outside ones. Players will need to heat up 50 times in order to get this Badge.


Below is the full video tutorial about how to get them via SplashBrosHD Nba 2k16' YouTube.




Those are just some of the suggestions we have. Feel free to play around to find the ones that suit you best. For more NBA 2K17 tips and tricks, keep it right here on U4NBA.