Details Related To The NBA 2K17 MyGM And MyLeague Modes

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Although the "NBA 2K" series have been around for quite sometime, Game Spot reports that "NBA 2K17" will have something that all the previous NBA 2K games never had. One thing that keeps the hype for "NBA 2K17" up these days is the revelation and unveiling of the MyGM and MyLeague Modes.


We’re just 12 days away from the release of NBA 2K17. In four days, the MyNBA2K mobile app will release and in five days, The Prelude mini-game to start your MyCareer journey will be available for download for free on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Needless to say, it’s going to be a manic two weeks in the NBA 2K community. I recently uncovered a few details related to the MyGM and MyLeague modes that hadn’t been communicated previously.



We found out about the rules committee within MyGM and MyLeague during the NBA 2K Community Event. After every season in MyGM and MyLeague, the rules committee will meet to determine if there will be any changes.


It takes a certain percentage of approval from the league’s owners to pass a rule. According to Erick Boenisch, the mode’s executive producer told me you can’t turn off the rule change process, but you can override any of the decisions you don’t like in MyLeague.


If you don’t like a passed rule, you just make it unapproved and vice versa.


I asked him about rule changes related to a shorter or longer shot clock. Boensich said there are changes related to the shot clock, but he didn’t go into specifics.


This could have been due to time and situational restraints, or not wanting to relate the changes to collegiate hoops–even though there may be an option to make a 35-second shot clock (fingers crossed).



I also asked about a rule change that could potentially bring in a four-point shot. This is something that has been discussed in the real NBA. 


Boenisch said it was “investigated heavily” but implementing a rule like that would have called for an immeasurable amount of work for playcalling, tendencies and behaviors, which makes sense.


My last question was pertaining to the expansion portion of MyGM and MyLeague. In case you missed it, you’re able to expand the league from 30 to 36 teams in NBA 2K17.


Along with expansion, you can still re-brand and relocate current teams, and realign the entire league. I tear up every time I type that.



You’ll be able to upload logos, design uniforms and arenas again as well. In case you’re not into the creative thing, the game will ship with 10 cities and logos which will all have total audio support from the game’s announcers.


On Sunday, I learned the names and cities for those 10 teams:


Nashville Stars

Pittsburgh Force

Kansas City Knights

Virginia Storm

Vancouver Ravens

San Diego Surf

Cincinnati Lions

Baltimore Barons

Louisville Liberty

St. Louis Sound


That’s pretty slick.  Boenisch promised there would be primary and secondary logo designs for each team. Of course, you can still use those cities with different logos and designs, but it’s nice to have those pre-installed.


Fortunately, if you do decide to create a full team kit (uniforms, arena, logo) you can upload it as a package that can be shared with the 2K community.


That’s about all I have for MyGM and MyLeague. I’ll keep digging through the 11th hour to see if there is anything alse to uncover about MyPark, Pro-Am, MyTeam, MyCareer and more before launch.


More information is on Just stay tuned.