did Curry take the responsibility for missing championship

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Stephen Curry has the highest ability value in NBA 2K16, but he has been criticized recently, as Warriors lost the tiebreak 89-93, missed the 2015-16 championship season. Curry thought he does have a responsibility, he did not play the best level, but he will not give up, he believed the future will be better forever. Curry also revealed that he does not need knee or ankle surgery this summer.

"(For the Warriors defeat) I'll take the blame, because I knew I don’t play the best state, I do not need others to tell me this." Curry said. In the final seven games, Curry 19 shot 6, only 4 of 14 shots-thirds had 17 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists. He also appeared passing errors in the fourth quarter, ruined the opportunity of Warriors win a championship.

"Since I played, I think we can do and want to do something. My body is not 100% recovered, but who do not have a little minor injuries." Curry said. During tiebreak and finals Curry didn’t play well, some people believe that his knee injury is not fully recovered, but Curry refused to make excuses himself, he believes that he did not play well.

"My team lost, I did not play the best match, but it will not be the end of the story. We did not win the championship this season and did not meet expectations, but the Warriors’ championship dream will continue." Curry said. During the finals, Curry, averaging 22.6 points and 4.9 rebounds, 3.7 assists and 0.9 steals, hit rate of 40.3%, the third hit rate of 40%. Compared to the regular season, Curry's efficiency is much lower.

"In the offseason, my knees, ankles do not need surgery." Curry said. He said he would keep the training in the offseason, allow himself to become stronger, but do not see video tie-break. Curry also said he lost the tiebreak to his little daughter Riley in the way home. Riley quite understand her father.

Curry's daughter Riley has consoled the Golden State Warriors star, telling them "it's OK" after Curry lost the NBA Finals. "We'll be there again. You've just got to realize how bad it hurts and why winning is so good,'' Thompson said. "It was very disappointing just because we know how good we are. We feel like we're still the best team in the world. We let that slide. It hurts right now. I can't tell you when the disappointment's going to fade, but it will.''

Green, who sat out the Game 5 defeat while suspended for flagrant fouls, said "To sit and dwell on it, that's not going to do anything for me." "I'm not going to sit and throw a pity party for myself or my teammates or anybody else. We were a minute away from winning a championship. We had a 3-1 lead, we had all the opportunities in the world we needed. Got to take your hat off to them. They fought, they battled and they took the series. It's nothing to sit around and cry about. It's something that you learn from."

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