How the Face scanning to Enhance your NBA 2K17 Game Experience

u4nba Date: Jul/05/16 23:28:43 Views: 2240

Face scanning is not a fresh feature in NBA 2K series, as early as NBA 2K15, players can use this technique and put it on their MYPLAYER characters. But do you know that? In the next NBA 2K17, the face scanning is more advanced than you think, which can enhance your gaming experience



Not long ago, a NBA 2K player Brian Mazique said: “ I’m an NBA 2K guy. I have been since the franchise debuted on Sega Dreamcast in 1999. That said, like almost every other sports gamer who has a few development cycles under their belt, I used to play NBA Live like crazy. I long for the days when gamers had at least two good games from every sport to choose from. That’s simply not the case anymore in any sport.”

He shared his story of how he spent several hours to get his face right. He told that if you are a bald black guy like him, there is no way to get your face correctly in NBA 2k16. He humors about how his face looked like a follicle challenged brother. Moreover, Ronnie Singh has hinted that this feature in NBA 2k17 is better than ever. As the game developer appeared in 2kTV, he assured the user to get a perfect application to get a perfect game face.

Now, in order to effectively scan your face in the game, you can follow the instructions below:

Please remove any hair accessories (glasses, hats, scarves, masks, etc.). If your bangs too long, they can confuse the texture, so use a hair band pull your hair off your forehead.

Make sure to well-lit place, and minimize shadows. From the front and sides of natural light is best, but it as equal / neutral as possible. Accurate color is dependent on lighting, and may need to be edited after scanning.

You want to slowly turn your head 30 degrees around the camera is hundreds of your photos. Enter your chin to keep a level field. In this process, do not move the camera.

The bottom of the scanning area of the chin to pick up your head. Keep your head in the green box. We do not scan head shape, ear or eye color, so users need to edit them after scanning.

Keep your eyes and eye level camera (try to avoid fishing camera too far away or too far, should remain neutral). See the center of the camera.

Keep your mouth shut. Do not laugh or make other facial expressions. Consider shaving, after adding facial hair can be scanned at any time.

If you are still unable to scan, try to maintain your white paper beneath the neck, but in the field of view camera. The closer you can get the camera, the better quality you will get scanned.

After scanning, you can visit our powerful custom menu to make sure that you MyPLAYER image accurately reflects your facial features and colors.

For your perfectionist there, you may have to try several times, until you are satisfied with your scan quality. Random rescan your MYCAREER any time. Grow a beard, and want it in there? You will not lose your progress!