How to Build Best Player for NBA 2K Park

u4nba Date: Apr/20/16 10:16:06 Views: 2382

I just got into playing park what is the best player build to make so i know before i get started.

Uh, personally I don't like PGs, they are tough to control a bit. If you're a beginner, the best way is probably 7'3'' inside-outside Center. Upgrade Athlete, Inside Scorer and Rebounder mainly, then defender and jumpshot. Don't touch playmaker though. Use post moves or go for easy midrange jumper when double comes to point guard of your team.


Anyways, point guards aren't that bad. There are two types of them:

#1 5'6''-6'1'' point. Max your jumpshot and playmaker. Defender and inside scorer may be useful too. Not really need athlete and rebounder.

#2 6'2''-6'6" point. Max athlete and shooting ability. Something like scoring machine, offensive star.


Look out for badges, they're really important. Also, you can get extra upgrade-points by going to gym in off-days. 


Hope it will help you a bit :D

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