How To Get More Offensive Rebounds In NBA 2K17

u4nba Date: Mar/07/17 13:23:51 Views: 3381

A lot of people have different methods to get more Offensive Rebounds, but I just plugged away until hit 95 on Athletic Finisher and unlocked the On-Court Coach badge. Once you get that badge, Offensive Rebounds are a joke. If you don't get HOF Hustle Rebounder by then, just use this method somebody used to get 15-20 Offensive Rebounds per game on the Athletic Finisher.


Positioning is everything. Always try to get in between your defender and the basket when the shot goes up. I usually run a few feet to the side of my defender and then cut inside of him just in time for the rebound. Also try not to get boxed out because it's very difficult to get through a box out.



If you're only trying to get offensive rebounds for the hustle rebounder badge, then what I did was activate orange juice. After that I'd switch onto Justice and dribble up to a few feet in front of half court. Then I would tell my player to cut by pressing triangle on PS4 or Y on Xbox. Once he's near the basket, press circle on PS4 or B on Xbox to fake the pass. Then shoot the ball with Justice from a few feet in front of the half-court line. You will likely miss, so right after releasing it switch back to your player and try to get the rebound, you'll be in a pretty good position to do so.


Another strategy for the hustle rebounder is to stay on your offensive end of the floor the entire game. Right when Justice gets the ball, spam square on PS4 or X on Xbox to make him chuck up a half court shot. You'll be the only one there and get an easy offensive rebound. Obviously, this sacrifices your defense and teammate grade.


If you're trying to get all the glass cleaner badges, I would suggest setting a few screens every possession to get the brick wall and bruiser badges until there's about 8 seconds left on the shot clock. Then sprint under the basket to get ready for a shot to go up. Try to get in the best position possible as stated above to get the offensive rebound. Once he gets the offensive rebound, I would put it back up to get the putback king badge. If you're doing this method, I would also play defense to get the defensive rebound needed for hustle rebounder and then outlet immediately to get the break starter badge.


Basically when Justice gets the ball from inbound make him shoot immediately and it will most like be an air ball near the rim. You can easily snag it from air or off the back board. Sometime it will bounce off the rim which is hard to get since its a long bounce.


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