Late Suggestions for NBA 2k17&2k18

u4nba Date: Aug/06/16 15:22:05 Views: 1818

Created players:

More haircuts. The two most prominent haircuts in the NBA are fades and (historically) afros, neither of witch are in the game.

More accesories. Masks, goggles, and glasses are in the game, but currently created players cannot wear them.

Body types: by observation, there seems to be 4 different body types in 2k17, however your created players can only use the standard body type. The other body types (besides standard) are: skinny (Terrence Ross, KD) Thicker (Tyrus Thomas and Horace Grant) and fat (Sullinger, Shaq. It woulc be cool to have access to all of these for created players.

Customizable skin/hair color: isn't it crazy that 2k only offers 6 skin tones, and half of them suck? In what world does the NBA only have 6 skin colors? This is 2k17, not NBA live '99.

Other aspects:

Home court advantage: especially with the Warriors and the Spurs last season, we always hear about historic home court streaks. But what makes home court advantage so great? Stamina, Hustle, and defensive awareness should be hightenes for teams that have home court advantage, and offensive consistency should be lowered for the visiting team.

More realistic dunks. Do you eve watch a highlight tape and say "i can't do any of this in 2k"? Shaq, Vince Carter, Kobe, all suffer from this. Especially Shaq, he could dunk over anyone that wasn't 7 feet tall with relative ease. But in 2k? Only wide open standing dunks are allowed. Shaq suffers from this in 2k because you're "not supposed to just dunk over everyone". But isn't that part of the reason why Shaq was a monster?

Upgraded AI. this will probably come with 2k17 anyway, but it couldn't hurt to add. One thing the AI struggles with this year is realistic modern play. For instance, Stephen Curry IRL shoots off the dribble and around screens for nearly 60% of his shots. But in 2k, the AI is told not to do this at all, leaving the Warriors as a much worse team in 2k. The result is barely any 3's being taken by them.

More historic teams. As of now, it seems 2k is knowingly discluding key historic teams from past games as a way of rationing them for the future games. Some notable teams are the '09 Lakers, '09 Magic, '07 Nuggets, '02 Kings, '03 Nets, '95 Pacers, and '93 Suns. The latter two teams seem to be completely up in the air due to Reggie Miller and Charles Barkley supposedly not giving their consent to 2k, but the addition of the dream team could change that. Still, 2k should add more teams.

Better park system. Park can be tricky when it comes with "where to upgrade". Obviously, 2k is doing all they can to prevent cheese and awful play. But this isn't about that. What if we got to play at historic courts, and the streetball experience really meant something? Venuce beach, rucker park, Harlem, that one court in San Fran that overlooks downtown? What if you could claim these courts as your own as a squad/faction and fight off other rivals to hold it to gain rewards? Just an idea.

MyLeague -> Roster. Ever been so far in a MyLeague that the roster looks pretty unrecognizable, and you want to save it as a new roster? This should be a feature.

Create a team. Just do it, 2k. We all know we're mostly going to use it for college teams. Just do it.