Major Features Of The NBA 2K17 Update 1.03 Patch

u4nba Date: Sep/30/16 05:51:43 Views: 1782

According to u4nba, after the NBA 2K update announced its new NBA 2K17 update 1.03 patch, gaming enthusiasts have been eager to find out what the new update included. The new NBA 2K17 update should reportedly address gaming issues with its previously released version. 


The NBA 2K17 patch is considerably a big file consuming 7GB more of your storage space. However, the patch is available for the PS4 game only, which dismayed many fans.


While the creators of the NBA 2K have not yet released the note on its new patch, fans have already circulated summary and commentary on the update.





Here are some of the most noticeable feature updates you can see in the game:


The MyPark mode now shows a new featured park. The Knicks and Bucks court and uniform error as well as the Grand Badge error have been updated. The Dream Team Play Now option is now operational. A voice chatting option in the Pro-Am Team Arena has been added as well. Lastly, developers have increased the pass speed in the gameplay, according to Playstation Lifestyle.


Although the release of the NBA 2K17 update 1.03 patch improved some of the issues, still, some gaming enthusiasts aren’t happy about the update. Some commented that there are still mishaps in the game software that require attention. NBA 2K players say they are still experiencing shooting glitch, defensive rotations, substitution errors, and other customization issues in the game.




One major fix is the error on the Grand Bradge, and the updated version will feature a new park in its MyPark mode which was included in the NBA 2K17 1.03 patch, according to U4NBA.


Meanwhile, Sports Rageous reported on the flaws in the NBA 2K17 update 1.03 patch that did not address the substitution errors in the MyLeague online mode, cut scenes in the MyCareer mode and permanent boosts in the MyCareer practice.


Though 2K Games announced that the 7.1 GB patch is enough to fix bugs, players worldwide have different sentiments. Many players thought that the game creator missed to update some important errors.




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