Many Small Bug Fixes And Adjustments On NBA 2K18's The New Patch

u4nba Date: Oct/13/17 14:23:13 Views: 3261

The new patch for NBA 2K18 adds new content, and makes changes and fixes many bugs. After the latest patch, two of those issues have been resolved. Players would love to see more improvements with NBA 2K18, to learn more improvements, for more details please see from here



The game has become a mainstay in the NBA scene. Consider how many fans thought of what would happen to the cover when his trade request was made public over the summer. Now, let's take a look at many small bug fixes and adjustments were also made, game-wide. 


MyGM Issues With Offseason Rule Changes

If the NBA voted on a rule change that eliminated free throws, you wouldn't always receive points after shooting fouls. 


Clipping Issues After Fouls and In General

There are two primary issues that stick out. One is the amount of missed open layups. The other is the increased instances of clipping. 


CAP Improvements

Nearest and most dear to my heart is the improvements to the create-a-player system. The lack of facial hair options was perplexing and the inability to change eye color was also maddening. Hopefully, we can see facial sculpting make its way back into the mode. 


MyGM Issues With Fantasy Draft Player Pools

Essentially, some of the best players in the game were being omitted from a fantasy draft in MyGM and MyLeague when you selected no duplicates or choose the ones to keep during your league setup. 


Aside from above mentioned some small bugs, including other issues, more details can be found more at U4NBA, anyway, players decide to buy NBA 2K MT without any hesitation.