My Wishlist for NBA 2K17 Cards & Players

u4nba Date: May/09/16 11:27:47 Views: 2573

In the coming of NBA 2K17, 2K has done much more work for the game, we believe that in this new version, we will have more and more fun gameplay. So, for the cards and players who do you want in the new game? This is my wishlist:


1.Charles Barkley 95-96 overall-One of the greatest power forwards and probably the greatest undersized big man of all time. 

2.Kwame Brown 65-71 overall-Now I know he's the biggest bust of all-time, but I want to make him and Darko be on the same team. 

3.Baron Davis 90-92 overall-One of the best Hornets and Warriors of all time. he'd have like 90 dunk and 94 ball control. 

4.Lamar Odom 86-90 overall-Lots of dudes didn't know this but he was 6th man of the year in 2010 and it was deserved. He had great dunking, (he postered DH12) passing, and shooting.

5.Reggie Miller 93-96 overall-Reggie is the greatest shooter of all time in my opinion. He's mainly known for his 8 points in 9 seconds and 3 point shooting ability.

6.Brandon Roy 89-91 overall-This man was a complete beast. One of the greatest players in the Blazers history and 2nd greatest TB shooting guard.



1.01 Steve Francis 92 overall-I know he's in the game, but he should be 92 because he was a top 10 PG in 2001. 

2.05 Yao Ming 93-Why is there no 90+ Yao? He was a beast and deserves to be at least 93.

3.08 Manu Ginobili 90 overall-Manu is a beast and was a 6'6 PG. He had handles and passed great and could shoot and drive.



1.Dunk contest winners-This would be for everyone who won the dunk contest from Larry Nance to Zach Lavine.

2.3PT contest winner-Like dunk contest, this would be for everyone who won the 3pt contest from Larry Bird to Klay Thompson.

3.Skills challenge winner-Just like the 2 above, it would be for those who won this.

4.Shooting stars winner-Not even gonna talk about it.

5.Record setters-Pretty much these would be for those with records like Wilt's 100 points and Scott Skiles 30 assists.

6.Rising stars-Pretty much players who are 18-24 years old and are improving.