MyGM Mode: Tips On Create A Better Expansion Team In NBA 2K17

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Gamers loves the improvements made in the latest instalment of the NBA 2K series. New features have been added to enhance the gaming experience of players. For example, 2K17's iteration on the most popular basketball simulation franchise in history brings with it improved MyGM and MyLeague team management modes, an expanded MyTeam mode.


Starting a MyGM career in NBA 2K17 is one of the best sports video game experiences available. You have the option of taking control of any existing team, or you can start off with a brand-new expansion squad.



That means completely customizing uniforms, logos and the arena for your new team. Here’s a look at the squad Brian Mazique created, it’s the Second City’s second team, the Chicago Icons.


Obviously, you can pick any cosmetic details for your team, but do yourself a favor and try not to create a squad with horrific uniforms. You have to look at those threads every game (although you can change them at any time).




Before you begin your journey, you get to pick where you’ll begin. Are you starting from the current day, after next season or at the beginning of this past offseason.


I prefer the latter. If you’re controlling an expansion team, you’ll be in the lottery, so you’ll get a chance to draft one of the best prospects from the 2016 NBA class.


Before you go any further, ask yourself the following question.


What’s Your Objective?


Win Now


If you’re trying to challenge for the postseason or even a title in your first year of existence, you had better be an expert or playing on rookie. If that’s the task you’re taking on, you’re going to want more veterans than young players during the expansion draft.


Teams aren’t going to leave you their best players, but you’ll want to target the ones who have more experience, higher ratings and less upside.


If Kevin Garnett doesn’t retire in your season, he’s likely to be left unprotected by the Minnesota Timberwolves. He’s a sensible pick to anchor your defense and finish close to the basket.


Build For the Future


In the event you’re looking to plant seeds for the future, which is the more practical approach, you’ll want to try and find young specialists who can be developed. Hollis Thompson appears to be left unprotected in most expansion drafts, and he’s a lights-out three-point shooter.


He’s also just 25 years old. Players like him are going to be the backbone of your efforts early on.


Building the Roster


Find a Cornerstone



The NBA is a star-driven league and NBA 2K17 is the same type of game. You have to have a superstar to anchor your team. Make it a point to find that guy sooner rather than later.


I traded for the No. 1 pick and drafted Ben Simmons. He’s only rated a 79 overall, but his rating will probably rise to the mid-80′s by the end of his rookie season.


If you can’t get Simmons, go for Brandon Ingram, Kris Dunn or Jaylen Brown if possible.


Don’t Waste Time Chasing Big Stars in Free Agency


During free agency, you’ll likely see LeBron James, Kevin Durant and others available in free agency. It’s tempting to put your bid in for their services. Unfortunately, the chances of inking one of the stars is slim to none early on.


Most will want to join a team that has a chance to win, and that’s not your team just yet. You don’t want to risk losing out on some more practical targets in pursuit of the biggest fish.


Get Shooters



You won’t be able to build a team with tons of all around stars, but if you want to be competitive, you’ll need shooters. If you have guys on your team who can knock down threes, you’ll have a chance in most games.


Thompson is one of best shooters who will likely be available, also keep a look out for Jonas Jerebko, he’s also an above-average three-point shooter. The 6’9″ Swede made just under 40 percent of his threes last season.


Deal Draft Picks For Young Stars


I had to deal three first-round picks to get Simmons. In real life, that might be a pretty poor trade. In NBA 2K17, it’s the quickest way to grab a player who can be the figurehead of your team.


If you have a chance to grab a young star, don’t hesitate to deal multiple picks. The odds are against you playing enough seasons for your future-wrecking deal to harm the team.


Also, a lack of picks is easier to overcome in NBA 2K than it is in real life.


Find Finishers



Some guys are better athletes than basketball players. In the halfcourt set, they won’t get a chance to use their athleticism much, but if you can get into transition your finishers become more valuable.


His basketball I.Q. isn’t too high, but JaVale McGee is a prolific dunker and as athletic as they come at center. He’s a candidate to be left unprotected and he’s someone you should draft.


Creators off the Bench


One of the biggest problems with expansion teams is a lack of playmakers. If you can find at least two players capable of creating their own offense off the dribble, it’ll help your team.


Resist the urge to put both playmakers in the starting lineup. You’ll need a guy you can run the offense through on the second unit.


Protect the Rim


Here’s another area McGee can help. Giving up easy buckets is a no-no. Having a rim protector on both the starting and reserve units is ideal. It’s not as much about blocking shots, although those are nice, rather it’s more important to contest and force missed shots.


Securing those rebounds will help to create transition opportunities the other way.


This can help set up your pure athletes for easy buckets.


Be Patient


It might take some time for you to get to a championship level. That’s the point of this variation in the mode. If the losing gets to you, you might want to also have a separate MyGM where you control a better team.


Want more NBA 2K17 mode guide? Check back for more 2K17 tips that will help you improve your game! We’ll keep you updated with more news regarding the game. There are other guides of the game as well that you can check out on U4NBA. So, stay tuned.