NBA 2K17: 2K Announced Unlimited Free Agent Codes

u4nba Date: Oct/29/16 02:29:57 Views: 3135

Now that NBA season is officially in progress, what this means is that free NBA 2K17 locker codes. In oder to celebrate the start of the new season, in accordance to 2K community manager Ronnie 2K announced, For any players, they will giving away unlimited free codes that achieved a "moment" from the night before. Virtual Currency for sale, Why does they buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT without delay? 

NBA 2K17: 2K Announced Unlimited Free Agent Codes



If you want the NBA 2K17 locker codes of the other eight, you’ll have to get on Twitter and start convincing your favorite players. You can follow the NBA 2K My Team Twitter account to get first dib when more codes are announced.


Don’t worry about missing cheap MT, you can visit here: Ronnie 2K has confirmed that these NBA 2K17 locker codes are not timed and will be unlimited. It seems like a pretty sweet way to start a new season of basketball.




“If you guys ever want Free Agent #LockerCodes from night before’s Moment game, tweet them to get in touch with me. Got one lined up today…” reads Ronnie’s announcement on Twitter. “Them meaning the player who achieved a moment. Feel free to harass Harden, Davis, MKG, etc. for #LockerCodes of last night’s card.” 


If you want a player’s corresponding locker code, you’ll have to get on social media and encourage them to get in touch with Ronnie 2K. So far, it seems like Indiana Pacers forward Myles Turner is the only one who answered his fans’ call. Here’s his locker code. Don't hesitate, here is cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC for sale.