NBA 2K17 2KTV Episode 23: 7 Questions With 550 Free VC

u4nba Date: Feb/27/17 14:02:17 Views: 1752

The NBA 2K17 All Star Tournament is finally over! The time's champion will show up in the episode 23 of NBA 2KTV. The New Orleans have excellent performances in the final game. Plus, the console champions will share their strategies going into this final game in the video.



There are totally 7 questions to answer, and players can get 550 VC for free as rewards.


A1: $250,000 - 100 VC


A2: 4 Games - 100 VC


A3: Any Answer - 50 VC


A4: Top Notch - 100 VC


A5: Any Answer - 50 VC


A6: Swizurk - 100 VC


A7: Any Answer - 50 VC




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