NBA 2K17 2KTV Episode 33 Features Playmarking Tips

u4nba Date: May/07/17 22:18:56 Views: 2140

In the episode 33 of 2KTV this week, we have the Professor breaking down Kyrie Irving's two signature dribbling combinations. To sum up, the key of this episode is how to control the game from the point guard position in game. While we're still in the Post-Season, one of the 2K Pro-Am champion STILL TRILL members, xl DIMEZ lx shared some point guard Champion Tips. Plus, it's time to vote for your favorite Top 5 Ankle Breakers of the Season!



A1: Any Answer

A2: Sprint

A3: 50 Points

A4: Any Answer

A5: Any Answer

A6: Any Answer




Seize the opportunity to learn more tips and tricks of playing better in game! Check out the NBA 2KTV Episode 33 here.