NBA 2K17 Badge Guide: How To Unlock Hall of Fame Corner Specialist

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Fans who have been anxiously waiting for NBA 2K17 are delighted as the game was released on Sep. 20. Now it's time to explore some new tricks to earn badges in the new installment of the NBA 2K franchise.


NBA 2K17 Hall of Fame badges are an upgraded and better version to the Gold Badges you receive when you upgrade from a Bronze or Silver. You can only get them on the specific badges that can be upgraded for your Archetype.Hall of Fame badges can not be purchased. You can not buy an upgrade from gold to Hall of fame, you must earn the Hall of Fame Badge in NBA 2K17.



How to earn Hall of Fame Badge in NBA 2K17?


1.Take a look at the requirement to get the bronze version of the badge you want and get it.

2.Purchase the silver and gold upgrades with NBA 2K17 VC. Only gold badges can be upgraded to purple ones.

3.Repeat whatever you were doing to get the bronze badge, and in the middle of the game, a window will pop up and let you know that you got a Hall of Fame badge.

4.Check the list of all badges in NBA 2K17 and how to unlock them.


How to Earn Hall of Fame Corner Specialist in NBA 2K17


Best way to get corner specialist and surprisingly another badges you can get accidentally.  While you are trying to get corner specialist, you can also get the One-man fast break, First thing is you should go to your settings make sure you play on rookie, and don’t even attempt to try on any other difficulty.


NBA 2K17 Corner Specialist – Playing out rookie to Hit 25 corner 3 pointers.




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