NBA 2K17: Codes For Anthony Davis, Myles Turner And James Harden

u4nba Date: Oct/30/16 02:01:58 Views: 2980

Now that the new NBA season is officially open, what this means that there will be a new locker codes for NBA 2K17. At the same time, for the new free agent codes of the game for PlayStaton 4, PC as well as Xbox One, those codes have been recently revealed by 2K social media manager Ronnie 2K. As avid NBA 2K gamers, they always buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT without any hesitation.

NBA 2K17: Codes For Anthony Davis, Myles Turner And James Harden


On Twitter, Ronnie wrote that he will be giving away free locker codes of players that got a "moment" card. So far, there are nine players that got the criteria. They are James Harden, Anthony Davis, Jordan Clarkson, Justin Hamilton, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Joe Harris and Myles Turner. 


Ronnie also encouraged NBA fans to keep in touch with the players mentioned above so that their respective free agent codes will be released. As of now, it looks like the Indiana Pacers bigman Myles Turner is the only one who responded to fans' request.

Turner's locker code is "MILES-QO607-7KH07-80M5P-A10JD".


For the other eight players, mention them on Twitter now and convince them to reveal their locker codes. Reach them through Twitter handles mentioned below. It's safe to say that cheap NBA 2K17 PC is so attractive.


Players can also follow the My Team Twitter account to get the latest news about the new codes that will be announced. Interestingly, Ronnie said the locker codes for NBA 2K17 are not timed and will not be expired. This announcement is good news for gamers as they will not be missing out on the upcoming game codes.


Meanwhile, there are reports that claim the previous cheat codes for NBA 2k16 are still for working. To verify the reports, we tried to key-in the codes #2KTVPOSTSEASON, SHOOT2MUCH500, #2KTVMELOGEAR, and PAYRESPECT, but none of them are working any more.


IGN described the new installment as "Great" and gave it a score of 8/10. The gaming website also added the new game provides necessary updates to the shooting and dribbling mechanics.


As the one of highlights of NBA 2K17, which is to improved MyCareer mode, since it combines the best elements of its previous versions to creat the best single game made in the gaming industry. What's more, it's more worth pleassuring that its gameplay is easy to learn, as well as there's an abundance of new materials. For more latest news, you can head over to official sites to get more such as: