NBA 2K17: Further Improve Skills By Collecting Badges

u4nba Date: Sep/23/16 06:03:58 Views: 1733

With the release of the NBA 2K17, players are interested in finding new features and strategies to upgrade their rating.


One of the features that players love in the newly released "NBA 2K17" is the ability to collect badges within the game. This also plays a huge role in the progression of the player's team. The feature first made its debut in the previous "NBA 2K16," and it makes a comeback in the latest installment of the franchise with some improvements as well.



The new installment of the "NBA 2K" franchise was released Sept. 20. According to reports, the sports simulation game has a MyCareer mode where gamers can create and customize their own basketball player. This can be done by first deciding which position they want for their character. The available positions are center, power forward, small forward, point guard and shooting guard.


Playing styles can also be chosen for the customized players which are shot creator, sharp shooter, point forward, lockdown defender, glass cleaner and slasher.


As the career of the character goes along, the player must collect badges in order to further improve his skills. There are 55 collectible badges that will be part of the game, and based on reports, there are two types of badges - personality and skill. The first type of badge defines the reaction of the player inside and outside the court, while the other badge will determine what kind of skill the character will be good at. These badges will also define how the AIs of the game react to specific situations.


If a gamer is able to get an average of at least seven points per game while coming off the bench, he will receive the Clutch Performer, Alpha Dog, Spark Plug and Wild Card badges. This must also be done within six games only. Another badge can also be obtained by picking up 10 non-flagrant fouls in one season, after which the Enforcer badge will be given.


Other badges that can also be obtained by players are "Corner Specialist," "Limitless Range," "Tireless Scorer," "Acrobat," "Pick and Roller," and "Drop Stepper." There are different requirements which must be met in order to receive these badges and it is up to the player to fulfill them.


There are other badges in the game which can be unlocked. Meanwhile, "NBA 2K17" is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.


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