NBA 2K17 Gamers' Suggestion Of Reaching 95+ MyPlayer Ratings

u4nba Date: Oct/18/16 17:11:19 Views: 1912

Here's a guide about how people are reaching these ratings without being a Superstar.

If you have been seeing Pro 1s with 98 ratings, follow the steps below.



You can still do the glitch. 


1) Fill up the "Progress to Next Attribute Upgrade" bar to the point where one more filled Doin' Work bar will give you an attribute upgrade. 


2) Go to a practice and fill up the Doin Work bar. 


3) Press start and leave the practice. When you do this the Doin Work bar should empty and it will bring up the "Progress to Next Attribute Upgrade" bar. Once you see it say "Congratulations" get ready to close the game. To close it on XBOX you hit the middle button, press start on the game, and then hit quit ( idk how to do it on PS4) . When you see the loading screen with the twitter feed and the cars quit the game. Make sure you close the game before you see the loading percentage in the bottom right. 


4) Go back on 2K and load your MyCareer and it should put you in a practice. 


5) Quit this practice right away and it should give you an attribute upgrade. 


6) You can only do this once a day in the game. Even if you have 3 practices in a day, you will get an error code if you try to do it again.


If your dude is a 95 and it won't give you upgrades anymore through practice, and maybe you thought it was a glitch. But what we are saying is, that after a certain point MyCareer doesn't allow you to earn upgrades through practice and you have got to earn them through myPark if you want to fully max out your character?