NBA 2K17: Get A Better Representation Of The College Game

u4nba Date: Oct/18/16 03:46:54 Views: 2203

Latest NBA 2K Series version have released nearly a month. The new NBA 2K17 game includes Connecticut as one of the schools you can choose in myPlayer mode, where you follow your created player on his journey from high school to the pros.


You can play games in a virtual Gampel Pavilion, and then play out the NCAA Tournament against some of the nine other schools (Georgetown, Arizona, Louisville, Kansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, Georgia Tech, Michigan State and Wake Forest) in the game.


Most virtual hoops fans are pining for a college basketball game the way DeAndre Jordan is yearning for consistent free-throw stroke. The many issues regarding collegiate licensing are preventing a full release, but some talented members of the NBA 2K community are attempting to bridge the gaps.



Da InFamous NY is one of the premier arena, uniform and logo creators in the NBA community. He did great work with NBA 2K16 with ABA, Summer League and other theme jerseys.



His first big project for NBA 2K17 is called NCAA 2K17.


It’s a roster set that features 39 of the top college programs. This isn’t just some lazy effort that requires a keen imagination to see the authenticity. The uniforms, courts and logos are recreated with an amazing level of detail.


Have a look:




Setting up your college experience requires some detailed steps. Da InFamous NY breaks down the step-by-step process.



If the game allowed you to alter the shot clock, you might be able to have an even more realistic college basketball experience.


Aside from that, you couldn’t get a better representation of the college game without 2K unveiling an official College Hoops 2K release. Da Infamous NY put in some work, but we almost must acknowledge the incredibly deep team creation tool in NBA 2K17.


It’s the best we’ve seen in the genre since NCAA Football’s Team Builder app.


With these new features, NBA 2K17 make basketball, especially professional basketball is more than just a game and with the "NBA 2K" series, basketball just got a lot more fun.