NBA 2K17 Guide To Customize The Custom Jumpshot Creator

u4nba Date: Sep/22/16 05:42:37 Views: 2014

As one of the very best looking and playing sports games on the market today, NBA 2K17 make players have the opportunity to build their own teams and set some of game details with options.


"NBA 2K17" allows gamers to customize just about everything related to their created player, even something that only shows up on the basketball court.


As it turns out, the recently released game also provides players with an opportunity to finally build the jumpshot of their dreams, and gaining this opportunity is pretty easy as well.


First off, players will have to start a new MyCareer playthrough and just go about it how they want to while also taking care to always respond to Duke University head coach Mike Krzyzewski, the man also known to basketball fans all over the world as Coach K.


According to Reddit user "scottiebreeze" after playing through about a quarter of the season's games, Coach K will then send a text message to the player. The exact date for when Coach K may send the message varies, so players will just have to keep checking their phones.



The message from Coach K will simply ask the player to participate in a quick meeting, and it is essential that the player does not turn this opportunity down.


Once the quick meeting with Coach K has ended, players can then expect to receive another message, this one coming from their agent, informing them that they have now unlocked "NBA 2K17's" Custom Jumpshot Creator.


After unlocking this feature, players can now get to work designing and tweaking their signature shot. They can opt to build a shot that looks as beautiful and efficient as the one noted sharpshooter Klay Thompson currently employs, or they could even decide to create one that isn't quite as beautiful, but can still be effective, the choice is ultimately up to the player.


Unfortunately, it looks like the custom jumpshot players create can be used only in MyCareer mode, so the feature is somewhat limited at this point.


More details about the other new features included in "NBA 2K17" should be made available in the near future. If you are interested, you can keep an eye. Of course, if you want to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT, you can not hesitate to enter our website: