NBA 2K17 Guide: Undervalued Players You Should Get

u4nba Date: Sep/25/16 22:08:47 Views: 1684

NBA 2K17 is finally out and many gamers are hooked. Most of them are starting to collect badges while others are busy assembling their MyTeam rosters to take online. If you want to climb the ranks while maximizing your budget, here are some suggestions for undervalued players you should be on the lookout for.


Generally, a player’s performance in real-life affects his value in-game. So more hyped players who are constantly in the headlines might cost more than someone with near identical stats in-game.


Back Court



For a cheap but effective backcourt pairing, you can look at acquiring Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe. Once teammates on the Phoenix Suns, the pair are still a force in-game thanks to the new Dynamic Duo system in NBA 2k17. Playing these two together will give small bumps to certain attributes, so make sure to maximize this as much as possible.


3-Pt Specialist



Miami Heat Guard Josh Richardson is a pretty solid pick as a long-range bomber. He possesses an outstanding open-shot 3 rating of 87 and is pretty decent going to the basket as well. If you play to his strengths, he should be a strong rotation player for a new team.


Small Forward



The Boston Celtics’ Evan Turner is decent small forward option to aspire to in the early goings. He’s solid all around and is deceptively quick for his position. For even cheaper options, you could explore young guns like Justise Winslow or Brandon Ingram.


Front Court



If you need a floor-stretching big man, consider Portland Trailblazers Center Myers Leonard. The 7-footer possesses above average attributes from the outside and mid-range so he could pose some matchup problems for your opponents. You can pair him with a more defensive oriented front-court mate like Nerlens Noel or Kenneth Faried to balance out your team. Cleveland Cavaliers F/C Tristan Thompson is also a solid choice due to his effectiveness in the pick-and-roll.


More NBA 2K17 MyTeam picks we'll share here. If you have other suggestions, leave your ideas.