NBA 2K17 Locker Codes: How To Get A DeMar DeRozan MyTeam Moments Card

u4nba Date: Nov/08/16 19:31:53 Views: 1918

For NBA 2K17 Locker Code collectors, take note of that players can now acquire free  Demar DeRozan MyTeam Moments Card on PS4, Xbox one as well as other platforms. It's so simple step that you just need to enter the provided digits as well as profit. As a players, the need for buying NBA 2K17 MT PC as soon as possible.

NBA 2K17 Locker Codes: How To Get A DeMar DeRozan MyTeam Moments Card

The details actually went live on Saturday but were recently retweeted by 2K Sports over the last few hours. For those that can’t see it below, here’s the code required to get the card: ABGS7-AMR2A-TCNQJ-5YY4U-4R44S.


The redemption process is pretty simple. At the NBA 2K17 main menu, select “Options/Features” and choose “Locker Codes.” From there, enter the complete code with dashes included. If successful, a confirmation will appear on screen. Access to the code was recently extended by 2K Games, so it should work by the time most of you read this. If not, it can also be found in regular MyTeam card packs too. The card’s overall stat is an 85. 


Of course, as with previous Locker Codes, this one does come with a key limitation. It’s a free agent card, so that means it can only be used for a limited number of MyTeam games. That being said, while it’s active, it should be good enough to give your stats a solid boost. More cheap VC sell online, including NBA 2K17 MT PS4.


DeMar Derozan is currently lighting it up with the Toronto Raptors as a shooting guard. He began this year’s NBA season with five straight 30-point performances. The last phenom to accomplish that feat was Michael Jordan three decades ago. NBA 2K17 has featured this Moments Card to commemorate that ridiculous achievement.


If you missed it, don't worry, a Myles Turner Code is also posted by us, due to the NBA season progresses, it's expected to that more players will turn up. Now that NBA 2K17 launched on Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and PC. Just recently, a new update have been revealed, and in order to deal with major gameplay issues and badges problem too. In addition, cheap Virtual Currency for sale, players are busy with buying cheap NBA 2K17 MT.