NBA 2K17 Menu Suggestion: Access to the Menu While Opponent Pauses

u4nba Date: Jun/25/16 17:25:25 Views: 1843

It's really frustrating that when your opponent pauses the game, you just have to sit there and have no access to the menu. You should be able to navigate the menu, as well. If they go to resume the game, but you aren't ready, then the countdown clock should shift to you.

This would:

A) Be infinitely less boring.

B) Make the continuation of the game mutual, so neither player has an advantage coming out of the menu. Often, I'll go to take a sip of water, just have to the game get unpaused while I'm one-handing the controls.


2k should get rid of the bs timer. All that does is let a crybaby waste a couple minutes of my life when I'm running him out of the gym.

Pause screen should be like FIFA/Madden. If one user pauses, it gives each user 30 seconds to do whatever and then ready back up. Definitely the best way to handle a pause situation.