NBA 2K17 MyCareer Guide: How To Play With The Memphis Grizzlies

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The Memphis Grizzlies have assembled enough talent to believe they can emerge as a sleeper in the Western Conference during the 2016-17 campaign. They are recognized excellent NBA player, and now fans can play with them in NBA 2K17 MyCareer Mode. More NBA 2K17 articles here on U4NBA!


This is the first post as part of Beale Street Bears' #2kDay. With the release of NBA 2K17, gamers around the world have the chance to lace up and experience the life of an NBA player in MyCareer mode. Here’s a guide to creating the perfect player and making the most of your career in the Grindhouse with the Memphis Grizzlies.



Feel the Power


NBA 2k17’s MyCareer mode allows players to build up their draft stock, enter the league and try to become an all-time great. Here, you’ll learn what type of player you should build if you want to end up on the Memphis Grizzlies and lead them to a title.


So, you want to become a member of the Memphis Grizzlies for your MyCareer mode? Luckily for you reader, you don’t have to play well in college to drop down to pick No. 17, which Memphis had (Don’t worry, they’ll still have Wade Baldwin IV on the roster). Otherwise, you will have to wait about 10 games before you can demand a trade, but make sure that Memphis has some interest in you.


However, prior to your first game, you will have to select the archetype of player you want to become. Each position has several different archetypes of player, such as:


Point Forward

Glass Cleaner




The list goes on and on. The archetypes you can select are based on position. For the Memphis Grizzlies, I believe that a power forward is the best position to run with. Zach Randolph is Memphis’ oldest starter and the obvious choice to replace with young (and eventual superstar) talent.


At the other four spots, Memphis is solid. For the archetype, an athletic finisher would be most complementary to the starting group, who you’ll spend most of your minutes with. Marc Gasol can stretch the floor enough, while Chandler Parsons can be a knock down shooter. Mike Conely is one of the better point guards in the game, so there’s no need to make an additional ball handler.


Orange Juice


Justice Young: Why you don’t need a shooter


As part of your MyCareer storyline, you will meet and become fast friends with Justice Young, who’s played by Michael B. Jordan. Justice, from what I understand, will always be a guard. Once you and Justice crack the starting lineup, the first 5 should look like this:


PG: Justice Young

SG: Mike Conley

SF: Chandler Parsons


C: Marc Gasol


(Writer’s note: I play for Phoenix in MyCareer and the game runs a lot of Bledsoe+Justice lineups, so it stands to reason that it would do the same dual guard lineup with Memphis)


The further you go into your career, you’ll hear more and more about how Justice is a lock down defender and how the two of you combine to put the squeeze on the opposing team. (ORANGE JUICE!) Justice is also a very capable shooter (His overall moves up into the 80’s after you become a starter), so he gives Memphis the ability to spread the floor even more. Due to this, Tony Allen makes the most sense to be phased out of your starting lineup.


I will concede that a stretch 4 could also work, but shooting is hard to grind in the beginning without buying VC (Virtual Currency). Being an athletic finisher not only makes it easier to score, but also has the added benefit of drawing more fouls. Plus, who doesn’t love putting someone on a poster in 2k?


What does this do for Memphis?


MyCareer makes Memphis have a ton of depth at guard with Tony Allen, Wade Baldwin IV and Vince Carter all coming off the bench. Having both Zach Randolph and Tony Allen on the bench makes this team a lot more frightening. Allen can also slide over to SF when coming off the bench for both regular and small-ball lineups. In the real world, the Memphis Grizzlies bench is by far their weakest point, but this is definitely more negligible in 2k, especially if you are only playing the standard 5 minute quarters.


Justice’s ability to spread the floor along with Parsons and Conley should leave the paint free for you to roam. Once you hit a certain point in MyCareer, you will be able to activate Orange Juice mode after scoring on assists to/from Justice. This ability (indicated by an orange ring like in the picture below) allows you to switch between both your player and Justice. Orange Juice is so useful, it’s almost overpowered to a point. (It should be noted that if you aren’t on Memphis, but would like to be traded there, you can request Justice be traded with you.)



As an athletic finisher, you should have no trouble controlling Justice and throwing lobs to your player non-stop. Ultimately, once you become a serious threat inside, you’ll be able to pull defenders towards the middle and kick out to your open shooters.


Get Playing!


I’m sure that by the time of reading this, most of you have already started in your MyCareer mode. However, it’s not too late to start up another player and throw him on the Memphis Grizzlies. (It helps to have multiple positions for ProAm and MyPark!) I am confident that with your athletic finishing power forward, you will be well on your way to dominate MyCareer, rake in the endorsements and bring a Finals trophy to Memphis.



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