NBA 2K17 MyPlayer: Create Best Player Without Spending A Dime

u4nba Date: Oct/20/16 04:13:33 Views: 3123

NBA 2K17 is among the latest titles to arrive this year. The titular basketball simulation video game has brought its fans to a whole new level, offering a number of never before seen features. 


One of the best things from every NBA game, especially from 2K, is the ability of gamers to create their own heroes. MyPlayer in "NBA 2K17" is specifically one of the most challenging avatar creations as it isn't exactly as easy as the previous games in the series. Here's a guide for creating the best without spending a dime.


During our free time playing "NBA 2K17," we've managed to come up with a number of tips to ease the burden of having to start all over again when creating MyPlayer, just to end up being less than what players have expected. One of the main things to consider is sticking with the created player's main player type.


There's really no best archetype as this varies on which the player prefers as well as their playstyle, but jumping back and forth, more often than not, wastes skill points and more importantly, time.


Boosting the focus stats based from the MyPlayer's main archetype will let players skyrocket to the rankings easier. In "NBA 2K17" and almost every other game, it would always be more preferable to be an expert on something and sort of be bad on other stats than be completely mediocre on everything.



Another tip is by taking full advantage of the practice events. Not only does this provides free VC, but they also provide players time to actually polish up on skills. However, these practice events may feel a bit repetitive over a short period of time.


One thing that will help boost MyPlayer's stats is by playing other modes besides MyCareer. VC can be achieve through a number of activities that not necessarily is within MyCareer. These VC that players earn can freely be used for a MyPlayer, which gives them somewhat unfair advantage through the MyCareer mode as this gives them plenty of time to buff up without progressing the time.


Finally, for those who find these a bit time consuming, there's always a way of speeding things up through spending about a hundred bucks or so; but that defeats the purpose of grinding, which is actually enjoyable in "NBA 2K17."


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