NBA 2K17 MyTeam has The Olympics and Team USA included

u4nba Date: Jun/22/16 01:42:52 Views: 2061

Besides the release date and pre-order bonuses, nothing else is known about the upcoming "NBA 2K17," but looking at the cover which features Paul George, one can assume that the Olympics may play a part in the game of NBA 2K17 MyTeam. As you can see,this year's cover features George in his Pacers uniform and Team USA jersey.

Last year's artwork featuring college uniforms tied in with licensed universities appearing in the game's career mode. While the 2016 Summer Olympics will already be over by the time "NBA 2K17" launches, international teams with some sort of international tournament could make an appearance.

"NBA 2K17" will launch on Sept. 20, and fans who pre-order the game will be able to receive four days earlier from the launch date. Along with pre-ordering the game, the standard edition will also come with 5,000 VC, a MyTeam bundle that includes three packs with a guaranteed Paul George Free Agent card and more. If you want to buy NBA 2K17 VC account that would be your best choice.