NBA 2K17 MyTeam Soon To Be Get Moments Cards

u4nba Date: Oct/28/16 11:43:19 Views: 2242

NBA 2K17 gamers are extremely excited to know that the game will get its first batch of Moments Cards following a sizzling season opener. According to the official MyTeam Twitter account, it revealed some imformation on Wednesday. Gamers decide to more cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC.


NBA 2K17 MyTeam Soon To Be Get Moments Cards


The message simply says “coming soon to MyTeam: The NBA season’s first batch of Moments Cards.” No date, list of players or pricing details were provided.


For those unaware of what this means for NBA 2K17, MyTeam is essentially a fantasy team mode where players can purchase athlete decks using MyTeam points or virtual currency called VC. As far as Moments Cards are concerned, they’re buffed versions of star players tied to a specific event that happens during the real-world NBA season or in basketball history. 


Those who pre-ordered NBA 2K16, for example, got a high-value Michael Jordan card featuring a picture from his debut matchup. In its predecessor, Moments Cards were typically sold in designated Moments Packs that cost about 6,000 VC. 


In order to make a comparsion, you can buy 75,000 VC digitally from retailers for $19.99. Even if 2K Sports still keep pay much attention to some details of Moments Cards in the new game,in past few weeks, their return takes the focus off various glitches and bugs that have been bothering NBA 2K17 fans. Currently, the title's gameplay designer has attempt to balancing the mechanic and fixing issues with specific badges like the Relentless Finisher. Now that some patches are still planned, nonetheless, add to MyTeam are a nice distraction for hardcore players. NBA 2K17 is playable via buy cheap NBA 2K17.