NBA 2K17 Needs to Implement a Playoff Atmosphere Different from 2K16

u4nba Date: Jun/20/16 16:27:30 Views: 2067

Watching The Finals and Game 7 reminded me of how much fun playoff basketball is and, most importantly, how different it is from the regular season. The crowd is at another level and the atmosphere and hype surrounding every game is surreal.

In 2K16, you win the championship, get a poorly designed cutscene with the Larry O'Brien trophy, and then boom; seasons over, and it sims to the next season and you get a ring ceremony cutscene that's also very awkward.


At the very least, 2K17 should add the post championship celebrations and also give a real incentive to winning a ring. Make playoff games worth something and make it feel different from just playing normal games against the same team over and over again. Make the crowd get into it and give you and your team a boost when you have home court advantage.


And nba 2k17 vc reward would be nice if you won the finals and another reward if you win finals mvp. The catch is they can't sim any game in the season. I think this would make a lot of players take mycareer more seriously and add some incentive rather than just play to get badges.