NBA 2K17 New Feature:The Face Scanning Application aWill be Upgraded

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NBA 2K series are the popular sports video games, which added a lot of new features in their next new version, this new version is NBA 2K17. NBA 2K17 will come out in September this year. Of course, the game also has its deficiencies. If you are a loyal fan of NBA 2K, you must have heard of scanning face. Because one of the biggest disappointments of NBA 2K game players is that the face scanning app for MyPlayers.




The concept of face scanning on a mobile device was first created by EA Sports for NBA Live 16. To tell the truth, it was one of the few things that EA’s game has done better than 2K. Live’s app was called GameFace 2.0. It was quicker, easier to use and it delivered more accurate renders, although it wasn’t perfect, for everyone was rendered a shade or so lighter than their real skin color.

pparently, these two developers are “motivated” by the others ideas. 2K Sports broke ground with the face scanning concept for NBA 2K15, but EA one-upped them by taking the theme to mobile devices and simplifying the process. Now, 2K is going mobile and fans are hoping they can improve on the issues GameFace 2.0 had.

After expressing their concerns, fans can expect an upgraded face scanning system in the game. In the conventional scanning system has a lot of glitches, including the creation of the player with the wrong color, or can not sense the surface scanning. Facial rendering features of the new version seems to be embedded in the form of a mobile device application.

Scanning system was originally introduced with the NBA 2K15. It is now an application on a mobile device call GameFace 2.0,, you can render the surface by a camera. Market-to-face scanning technology has not been successful, it is believed that the technique will work without 2K17 past burr.

The reason for the face scanning is that users can personalize their players in the game and make the game feel as realistic as possible. To add a personal game 2K Sports game developers have begun to allow players more game choice of clothing, including from the kick off, the streetswear, and the selection of new styles 2K17, players can wear Adidas Yeezy upgrade.

As for other announced NBA 2K17 features, Design and Trend notes that the game will have the most amount of signature animations in the franchise, timed-locker codes (codes that net you random items for use within the game) will be returning.

NBA 2K17 releases on September 16 (PS4, XB1, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC) for those who pre-order. It’ll be in stores for everyone else on September 20. Look for more information about the game in at

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