NBA 2K17 News: The NBA Draft And 2017 Offseason Roster

u4nba Date: Jun/24/17 15:03:17 Views: 5165

On Thursday, the official NBA 2K17 announced some pickings of the NBA Draft in its Twitter page. The first pick is the Philadelphia 76ers selecting Markelle Fultz, with the 2nd pick in the NBA Draft the Los Angeles Lakers select Lonzo Ball. Boston Celtics picked Jayson Tatum while the Phoenix Suns got Josh Jackson.



The Latest Locker Codes


Recently, NBA 2K17 continues to release Pink Diamond Ewing codes for MyTEAM fans: 





2017 Offseason Roster


The roster creator EmbraceThePace and SkillsFromTha6 have create their 2017 Offseason Roster and made a video to show out.


EmbraceThePace - 2017 Offseason Roster w/All Rookies! Release Info & Full Details!




SkillsFromTha6 - NBA 2K17 - Offseason Roster 2K17 is out NOW!