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NBA 2K17 Patch 12 Is Available On PS4 And XBOX One Now

Yesterday, the official facebook page of NBA 2K announced that the NBA 2K17 Patch 12 is available on PS4 and XBOX One.


Before that, the NBA 2K17 gameplay director, Ronnie shared this big update in his twitter page 2 days ago, "NBA 2K17 Patch Update 12 releases tomorrow on all systems. Addresses lots of gameplay things, notes will be released shortly after it's out."



Here are the detailed patch notes:




 •  Improvements to double team logic for more appropriate rotations and to prevent help defenders from leaving their assignments.

 •  Enhanced several dribble size-up combos to make them more responsive when chaining moves together.

 •  Improved logic for off-ball collisions to prevent excessive bumping, resulting in a smoother offensive flow.

 •  Removed select dribbler collision reactions that would slow down the ball handler when contact was made from behind.

 •  Offensive AI enhancements for better decision making when countering double teams.

 •  Fixed an issue that would allow you to travel if rapidly chaining together certain rhythm dribble animations.

 •  Fixed an issue that was preventing some players from signing a 10-day contract in MyGM/MyLEAGUE.


As it took too long for the developers to release the new gameplay patch, are you interested to see what they did for the game? Log in to NBA 2K17 and see what have been changed.

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