NBA 2k17 special release:Kobe Bryant coins photos

u4nba Date: Jun/21/16 00:34:01 Views: 2042

Recently, the official of NBA 2K Games released a special NBA 2K 17 - Kobe Bryant coins photos.

Earlier this month, NBA 2K official announcement: Pacers star Paul - George will board the "NBA 2K17" ordinary retail version of the cover, and Kobe Bryant who formally retired in April this year boarded the legendary version of the cover

At that time, Bryant and George together attended the event in Los Angeles, Bryant said excitedly in an interview to board "NBA 2K17" cover is "a dream come true."

From the special photo released by NBA 2K game official, This 2K 17 Kobe commemorative coins, the front face is a portrait of Kobe.

In fact, in the day of Bryant's career farewell, 2K sports announced NBA 2K17 legendary version of the cover person will be acted by Bryant, the purpose is to commemorate the legend career of Kobe Bryant, which was also the second time for Kobe Bryant landing on the cover of NBA 2K series of games, the last time is NBA 2K10.

More importantly, NBA 2K is the number one fastest selling game since 2005. according to Metacritic, NBA 2k is the top one rated sports video game for last 15 year. Moreover, NBA 2K has won over 85 awards and nominated in many others for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One alone.

Kobe Bryant is the first high school student NBA guard to help the Los Angeles Lakers won five NBA championships, he is the youngest Mr. 30,000 points in NBA history. 2 time NBA scoring champion, 2 time NBA Finals MVP, 1 time annual NBA MVP, 15 consecutive NBA All-Star Game, two Olympic gold medals. December 15, 2014, Kobe Bryant career total score beyond Michael Jordan, rose to third place in history.

November 30, 2015, Bryant announced officially retired after the end of the season. January 22, 2016, Kobe with 1891614 votes to become the fourth time all star king, selected in 2016 NBA all star game in the Western starting lineup.

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