NBA 2K17: The Secret Grand Badge Will Boost Your Game

u4nba Date: Sep/30/16 05:45:31 Views: 2479

NBA 2K17 is out and many gamers are hooked. Most of them are consistently searching for NBA 2K17 Badges Guide in order to improve their statistics. 


With about 55 badges to collect, players are looking into how to acquire each of the badges, and here you can score a copy for how to acquire the secret badges which calls Grand Badge.



Some players recently discovered the NBA 2K17 Grand Badge which buffs players with a special meter and build up a temporary buff. Although the buff is just temporary, it is a total game changer.


The NBA 2K17 Grand Badge




Reddit user sushiondeck shared that the badge allows players to have a special meter which dispenses a temporary buff in MyCareer matches. This results into a stat boost which allows your character to have an advantage.


Every archetype features an exclusive Grand Badge. For instance, the Sharpshooter Pro Grand Badge will allow the players to score anywhere in the court once it is activated.


These badges are considered as secret badges which will boost one’s game. The player can be unstoppable once he gains the Grand Badge.


How to Get the Grand Badge




NBA 2K17 badges guide reveals that is not easy to acquire the Grand Badge. Some players said that one needs to complete the Hall of Fame badges for a certain archetype in order to unlock the Grand Badges.


Meanwhile, other gamers stated that one Hall of Fame badge and Gold badge is needed in order to attain the Grand Badge. With that, it is important that you aim to get the Hall of Fame badges first.


Players who get a Grand Badge will have a red icon under him, which is an indicator that it is time to set the ring on fire, Game N Guide reported.


Although this badge requires more time before it can be acquired, there are also other easy badges to get. These could be aimed for at the beginning of the game.


We’ll keep you updated with more news regarding the game. There are other guides of the game as well that you can check out on U4NBA. So, stay tuned.