NBA 2K17: The Special SagerStrong Uniforms And Courts

u4nba Date: Dec/20/16 15:53:18 Views: 2055

To pay homage to Craig Sager, the respectful TNT sideline reporter, who was known for his determined work ethic, eye-popping suits and his uplifting spirit, a NBA 2K17 user Da InFaMous NY created custom "Sager Strong" uniforms and courts. 


Sager won over NBA viewers with his unrelenting energy after battling leukemia for a number of years. The network shared a tribute video from its Twitter account, and players and coaches across the league paid their respects with the passing away of Craig Sager.


The entire league has mourned the loss of this most colorful man and his distinct style since his death. Steve Kerr even called for a "moment of joy" to celebrate his friend and former colleague before the Warriors took on the New York Knicks in Oracle Arena.



Except that, the Milwaukee Bucks made their statement when players came out for warmups wearing the signature #SagerStrong shirts. To pay Sager homage, Boston's players took a group photo in the #SagerStrong shirts.


The video Da InFaMous NY posted to his channel on Friday detailing how to create the popular #SagerStrong shirts, which make fans who playing at home can honor the legend by donning his signature style on the court. The SagerStrong Foundation is selling the shirts in an effort to raise money to help fund cancer research.


Inspiring from Sager's moving and unforgettable speech during the ESPY Awards a few months before his demise, the creator imprinted the quote "Time is simply how you live your life" on the back of the jerseys. The 2K user has also created a magnificent Sager Strong-themed court which has a picture of Craig Sager at midcourt and the hashtag #SAGERSTRONG imprinted across both baselines. The court is painted in yellow, black and white, the colours that are synonymous with the #SAGERSTRONG movement.


To support the legendary Craig Sager and his incredible cancer fight, pay our homage to this family member of NBA. Would you like to create the popular uniforms and court? Watch the video for details.