NBA 2K17: Three Real-life Badges Should Incorporated In 2K18

u4nba Date: Dec/30/16 14:33:19 Views: 1932

The latest in the NBA 2K franchise, NBA 2K17 has released its 1.07 update for a long time and it's no doubt that the 18th installment will come out soon. What worth it to note that is there are three new badges need to be added to NBA 2K18 according to Forbes.


As we know, the badge system in NBA 2K17 adds interest to the game's overall structure in terms of attribute. It works as an incentive-like system motivating players to work hard. By the way, if you are interested in the badges in the game, click here to know more.


Let's straight to the point and see what badges should be added in the nxst version of NBA 2K.



The Triple Doubler Badge


Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook had 14 Triple-Doubles coming into the Christmas matchup with the Minnesota Timberwolves(The Thunder are 11-3). Forbes states that this badge here could be an excellent thing for NBA 2K17 players to earn. The triple-doubler badge would give players an additional five per cent boost in their attributes. These boosts do not last long as they are achieved only in the last quarter of the game. After all, most triple-double shenanigans happen late in the fourth quarter of a game. So, in a sense, the boost wouldn't take that long. Its longevity, however, is enough to make a significant impact to the game as a whole.


The Screen Runner Badge


NBA 2K17 already has the Pick-And-Roll Maestro which can be explained to excels as the roller in the pick and roll game. Considering something that enhances the shooting attributes of a player freed up by a screen who doesn't have the ball, the screen runner badge is a good choice to be added in game. Here, we can best exemplify Kyle Korver, who's an expert when it comes to running through various screens. The screen runner badge can enhance the shooting attributes of a player who does not have the ball. Players whose primary role is an offensive run can earn the badge in MyPlayer. Of course, this should only happen whenever they don't have the ball with them yet. It's not so hard to earn the badge by knocking down 10 shots in this situation.


The Hustle Man Badge


The hustle man badge saves a loose ball and gives the entire team a boost. When a player dives on the floor to keep the ball from going out of bounds for five times, he then earns a badge. This could somehow put a real-life element in the game, making it a little bit more interesting than before. Plays like this can ignite a team in real life. If players are able to save a loose ball from going out of bounds, for example, they should be able to boost their team for the rest of the period. Or at least, 2K Games can resort to giving boost in a short period of time (whichever is applicable). You would earn the badge by performing five such saves with your MyPlayer.


To be honest, we'd like to see these new badges to be added to the new version of NBA 2K since it's excellent to incorporate these aspects of the real-life basketball into NBA 2K.