NBA 2K17 Tips: Focus On These Stats To Be The Best Player

u4nba Date: Sep/24/16 02:19:15 Views: 4147

As Game Spot reports that "NBA 2K17" will have something that all the previous NBA 2K games never had, the release of NBA 2K17 took sports games in PC and in consoles to a whole new level. 


The most played game mode of NBA 2K17 is probably the MyCareer Mode where players get to play as a rookie in the National Basketball Association (NBA) where they have to win their way to the top. 


Here are some of the NBA 2K17 MyPlayer best builds players can try as they start their game.


User SplashBrosHD has uploaded a video on YouTube that shows how players can get the NBA 2K17 MyPlayer best builds so that they would not use their Virtual Currencies in the wrong way. SplashBrosHD showed an image where players can choose what play style they want and focus on that by putting in the right stats.



SplashBrosHD said that it would be better to focus first on the overall rating of the player before maxing out one stat as the game does not allow maximum stats yet. Players can focus on maximizing stats once the overall player rating is high enough.




NBA 2K17 allows for offensive builds such as Sharpshooter, Shot Creator, and Slasher. Sharpshooters can shoot from a distance and are essentially good for players who want to pour down some threes for their team.




Meanwhile, Shot Creators are good at taking mid-way two-point shots when unguarded by the other team. And lastly, Slashers are the powerhouse which can force their way under the ring and dunk the ball. Players who prefer Shooting Guard or Small Forwards as their positions are best for this build.


NBA 2K17 also provides for defensive builds like Lockdown Defender and Playmaker. Lockdown Defender focuses on having a good guard towards the other teams, they are good at stealing the ball and blocking shots. This skill compensates for their bad offensive stats.


Playmakers are experts in ball handling and can bring the ball in any place around the court. It is their job to make sure they’re properly positioned teammates can receive the ball and take a shot. Playmakers are good at breaking ankles and although they can’t make the shot themselves, they allow others to do it.


Lockdown Defender and Playmakers are perfect for players who prefer to be Point Guards, Shooting Guards, or Small Forwards. Players cannot force their way to win in NBA 2K17, they have to show teamwork where they sometimes have to make the play themselves or support others in doing so, and they should also focus on the overall player rating so that they can be the best player in their preferred position.


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