NBA 2K17 Tips On Getting Offensive Boards When You Have A Slow Player

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To acquire the Hustle Rebounder badge, players need to get around 100 offensive rebounds and 200 defensive rebounds. It's is an easy but painstakingly long task. Some players have trouble in getting the offensive boards they need as the player has a low speed. This tips article is talking about how to get them more easily according to our gamers.


Put it on hall of fame difficulty. On offense take the ball to the corner until there's about 8 seconds on the shot clock and pass it to the nearest teammate. Then crash the glass.



Put the difficulty on HOF so your teammates miss more, and either run the baseline out of bounds (making sure to not be in the lane for 3 seconds) or fight for inside position. Also if you do get an offensive rebound, immediately pass it back out and spam the shoot button so they shoot it again and since you just got the rebound, you'll have inside position. Really this badge is all about having inside position.


Keep moving constantly while trying to get in position. When you see a teammate with an open look that you think might turn into a shot, do the best you can to shove your opponent out of the paint, preferably past the baseline. If you do happen to get the offensive rebound (Hustle Rebounder), immediately put it back up (Putback King), hopefully try to dunk it (this is how I got Posterizer without even trying).


You can get it with the 6'8 SF LDD using Justice. Activate Orange Juice and camp the other side of the court. When Justice gets the ball immediately tell him to shoot. 80% of the time he's gonna airball and you will get the easy rebound under the rim and score an easy basket (this way you also get Putback King). According to a Reddit user's actual operation, on 12 minute quarters he averaged 19 offensive rebounds with SF, it was done pretty easy.


If you got On Court Coach, you can get it pretty easy being a center. You just gotta keep moving around and once you get in position tell your teammate to take the shot. Playing in higher difficulty makes it easier coz on Rookie or Pro your teammates rarely miss.


Hope this article will help you get this badge easlier. More badge advices stay tuned at!


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