NBA 2K17 Tutorial: How To Acquire The Pick & Roller Badge

u4nba Date: Mar/08/17 13:55:33 Views: 2338

To acquire the Pick & Roller badge, players need to score as pick & roll man 100-200 times. Here we'll post some detailed tips to get this special badge.


The easiest method to get Pick & Roller is active Orange Juice first. And then switch to Justice, use icon pick control ( eg. L1+ triangle if u r pf) to player to set screen. Use screen thn press D-pad up. This way you can get Lob City Finisher and Pick & Roller badges together.



Pick and Roller takes a second to get right. I honestly believe you need the correct animation in order for it to count toward the Pick and Roller badge.


Basically you do the following to get Pick and Roller:


• Set a pick like expected

• When the defender runs into you, keep holding the screen button until after you feel the vibration indicating he ran into your screen

• Push up on the left stick while still holding the screen button down

• Let go of the screen button and continue to hold the left stick up toward the hoop

• If done right your player will continue toward the hoop and throw one hand up in the air

• Call for the pass and dunk or lay up the ball


All above is the step tutorial of getting the Pick & Roller badge. Want more news about NBA 2K17 Badges, stay tuned at!