NBA 2K17: Unrealistic Speed Bursts After Patch 1.06

u4nba Date: Nov/23/16 13:15:02 Views: 1971

After 2K Sports released the newest patch 1.06 update which focuses on remedies to Pro-Am issue, many gamers are eager to know whether the bugs have been fixed.


The Patch 1.06 has been released on PS4, Xbox One and PC, weighing a hefty 7.4 GB on PS4, 2.6 GB on Xbox One and 139.5 MB on PC. This new patch have released assortments of highly requested bug fixes, and there is no doubt that some smaller issues remaining unaddressed.



Here's the full list of NBA 2K17 1.06 Patch Notes:



  • The Hornets will now have their correct court projection during the pre-game presentation.   
  • Fixed an indefinite simulating screen that would occur when your MyPLAYER retired after the completion of his 20-year MyCAREER.   
  • Fixed a hang that would occur in MyGM/MyLEAGUE when attempting to enter the Staff Signing experience when the team had no Assistant Coach (retired) and an expired Head Coach.   
  • Addressed an issue in MyGM/MyLEAGUE where a league filled with Classic and Euroleague teams would sometimes hang late in the season when simulating.   
  • Fixed a MyTEAM Challenge case where the in-game overlay would claim the challenge was not successfully completed when it actually was.   
  • Addressed a case where a MyTEAM card that was sent to the Auction House could still appear in lineup menu as being available (when it actually wasn’t).



  • Fixed an issue where pass icons were not appearing for users playing in 4K on the PS4 Pro.   
  • Removed some long, drawn out dribble loss (pickup) animations from the body up system to improve responsiveness.   
  • Made some aggressive bump back dribble collisions MyPARK only.   
  • Prevent defenders from being able to steal the ball from an inbounder immediately after checking it in when playing in MyPARK.   
  • Make sure all players are in position before checking the ball when playing half-court games in MyPARK.   
  • Sped up the CPU’s ability to get into its offensive sets and run plays.   
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause CPU-controlled ball handlers to run out of bounds when attacking the baseline.  
  • Cleaned up an issue that lead to unrealistic speed bursts in some size-up escape and combo moves.   
  • Fixed a case that caused the wrong dribble move to queue up when attempting to perform driving combo moves (e.g. double crossover).   
  • Updated Broadcast Stadium cameras for Bucks, Mavericks, Kings, and Clippers.   
  • Beluba camera updated to zoom out more in transition and to have a wider range of zoom and height adjustment settings.



  • A number of performance improvements to solidify the Pro-Am experience.   
  • Fixed an issue that would cause some users to hang when attempting to hop from one park to another.  
  • Users can now unequip the skateboard and mascot outfits from their MyPLAYER.       
  • Many other small bug fixes and adjustments were also made, game-wide.     


The patch notes we list show that this update fixes a serious-sounding issue where pass icons did not show up for people playing in 4K on a PS4 Pro. The patch also addresses dribbling animation problems, including one where the wrong dribble move would queue up when attempting a driving move such as a double crossover.


Additionally, this patch changes the CPU intelligence so that it can get into offensive sets and run plays faster. What's more, it fixes a problem where players could achieve "unrealistic speed bursts" when performing a combo move or a size-up escape.


The patch also makes a number of tweaks to the MyGM/MyLeague modes, as well as MyPark. 


NOTE: All patch fixes will work in your existing game mode saves unless noted otherwise.  


So, if you have the problem we mentioned here, download and use the patch now.