NBA 2K17 Update: New Changes To Get Overall Balanced Experience

u4nba Date: Oct/16/16 05:31:58 Views: 1605

After the Xbox One gets patch 1.04, some more tweaks and fixes are coming to NBA 2K17. Gameplay Director Mike Wang, AKA Beluba, has shared the new update details suggesting that it will fix multiple problems and will also make the gameplay more balanced. Check them out below.



Upcoming Changes


On Twitter, Wang announced the arrival of the NBA 2K17 update, saying that the studio is just waiting to roll out patch 1.04 on the Xbox One. After that, 2K Games will bring an update which will fix the problems with field goal percentage being too high and pass speed. Issues with defenses and the Relentless Finisher will also be fixed very soon. Wang has warned fans that the shot timing will become more difficult as it is too easy currently. There will also be several changes to other gameplay aspects.



Fair Warning: Shot timing will become more difficult soon. It's too easy right now cause I had to compensate for the shot meter glitch.

When I undo my band-aid fix, you will see a noticeable drop in the frequency of green releases, so enjoy them while they last.

Sharpshooters will be just fine. But nobody should be averaging 80+% from 3PT range.

Pass speeds, moving screens and defense are being looked at as well. And yes, we know about the Relentless Finisher issue. Will fix asap.

It's not going to be as drastic as some of you think. I'm just prepping you all that the timing band-aid is going away after XB gets 1.04

Just addressing those who are saying that shooting is too easy and FG% are too high. I'm aware of it.


Without revealing any specific NBA 2K17 update details, Wang said that the company is aware of the problems and is looking into them. While Wang said that there will be fewer green releases, he assured fans that Sharpshooter archetypes will not be heavily affected.


The company has revealed so much about the upcoming changes, but it has not shared a word about the NBA 2K17 update release date. Regarding the patch 1.04 on Xbox One, the company is still silent and is not saying when the update will arrive. The patch is already available on PS4 and PC, but players on the Xbox One are still waiting.


As 2K Games is talking a lot about the update, players share their doubts with the changes. This is because with the previous update, players experienced many game-breaking bugs. The company has not acknowledged many issues, but it seems that the upcoming NBA 2K17 updates will address those problems as well. Regarding the next update, Wang assured fans that "it's not going to be as drastic as some of you think."


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