NBA 2K17 VC: Easy 500K in Just 5 Hours

u4nba Date: Nov/04/16 13:39:32 Views: 2049

For NBA 2K17 patch, it's probably addressed previously known flaws, some players can take advantage of these flaws to earn virtual currency , in a word, it's also called "VC". Are you ready buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT?

NBA 2K17 VC: Easy 500K in Just 5 Hours

However, the updated version of NBA 2K17 is not yet as perfect as its developers have hoped. While the update did patch certain holes from the game, it also opened new ones which players can take exploit and reap on its benefits.


Do note that the existing exploit can be considered too tedious even for serious gamers and something only dedicated players can follow through. Nevertheless, here is how a player can get 500,000 virtual coins within just 5 hours of play.


First thing to consider is progressing into the MyCareer Mode in order to gain access to certain contracts. However, the trick to getting virtual coins is not on unlocking active contracts but on signing on them for endorsement.


Contracts may vary across popular brands such as Spalding, Gatorade, KIA, Foot Locker, Jordan, Stance, Kissot and even 2K. In the video presented below from YouTube as uploaded by user GeeSice, it was shown how he scheduled an endorsement and how he attended on it. Likewise, players are mandated to attend every endorsement they had signed up for based on the game’s Calendar.


Fresh from finishing the endorsement event, players are then required to check their in-game smartphone and check on their inbox for messages. Reading and replying to every message in the inbox are critical steps before getting the wanted virtual coins. Players are expected to press the right button in this method in order to breeze through it. Having gone through the player’s inbox and having replied to every message, players are then given their wanted virtual coins that are at least 4000 in amount.


However, remember, it hold true that getting virtual coins is not always 100% certain. Even if rare in occurrence, in case having a chance, virtual coins are given at all while doing the trick in NBA 2K17. Now you are taking buy cheap NBA 2K17 PC into consideration.