NBA 2K17: Ways To Fix Pro-Am Tournament Qualifiers

u4nba Date: Mar/15/17 11:55:08 Views: 1696

There are some players states that it's completely ridiculous to say that the method 2K has implemented to qualify for the Pro-Am tournament and this is leading to nearly all of the best teams being left out.


The teams that qualify do so by playing as many games as they can in the 5 hour time frame, having to hope that they don't play any other of the top teams trying to qualify. Because if they do, even if they win, the fact that they didn't get a team they could blow out by 50 instead gives no extra reward and stops you from qualifying. One team beating a team by 50 instead of 40 does not make them better. Not to mention, a team quitting out on you because they are down by 30 can ruin your entire week.



There's an incredibly simple solution to this.


• Firstly, make a damn private matchmaking system already. It's getting ridiculous. Teams have been trying to match up since 15, and it's incredible that we still can't do that.

• Make a Tournament Bracket for each week of qualifying, seeding it based on the leaderboards. All Elite level teams can enter, and the top 4 teams remaining each week qualify.

• This means that the teams that qualify have to actually beat the teams they're competing against, and also gives everyone a real chance to make it all the way through. But teams have to make it through because they beat the competition, not just get lucky because teams they got the easiest teams to blow out, played the most games, or didn't have someone quit on them.

• Lastly, it allows 2K to make some money off broadcasting some of the games each week and have a show discussing and analyzing the games.


Making use of this current method, we're going to end up with a tournament that isn't going to include the best teams and lower the level the tournament could have been, which is especially sad when there's only one tournament per year.


Do you think this solution will be useful? Let us know what you think of it!