NBA 2K17 Will Add New Celebration Features

u4nba Date: May/10/16 11:43:51 Views: 2162

To make celebration part more interesting in NBA 2K17, 2K Sports plan to add several new player celebrations, and accept great ideas from fans. One of the community managers for the NBA 2K series, Chris Manning, posted on Twitter:


2K didn’t mention how long they are taking suggestions, but remember to use the hashtags of #SigNation and #NBA2k17 to the tweets. The people you should tweet to are @LD2K (Chris Manning) and @Ronnie2K (Ronnie Singh). These two guys are the community managers so they can take your suggestions for NBA 2K17.


Aside from the player celebrations, there is not a lot we know about the new game so far. The only feature that has been talked about is that Stephen Curry’s shot meter will be adjusted. This is because he plays so well that his virtual version in NBA 2K16 does not do him justice. The real life Curry makes shots that the virtual one can’t do, so this will change in the next game.