NBA 2K17: Winning Lineup Tips In The 2KTV Episode 26

u4nba Date: Mar/20/17 01:56:58 Views: 1940

Do you know that the latest NBA 2KTV Episode of season 3 is the 100th episode of 2KTV? It's time to look back at our best moments over the last 3 seasons. 


NBA 2K17 adds musical artists Posso to the studio. We can see the first MyTEAM Lineup of the Week and find tips for building your own winning lineup in the episode this week.



A1: Kevin Durant - 50 VC


A2: The Professor - 50 VC


A3: Jug O' Lanterns - 50 VC


A4: Toronto - 50 VC


A5: 2KTV Hey Guys - 50 VC


A6: Any Answer - 100 VC


A7: I Can - 50 VC


A8: Maejor - 100 VC


A9: Winning Tips - 50 VC


A10: O-Town - 50 VC


A11: All of them - 50 VC


A12: Line Up - 50 VC


A13: Any Answer - 50 VC


A14: Hey Guys - 2KTV Shirt




By answering these common questions in this episode, you can get 750 VC for free.